If you are interested to know “How to start a blog in 2021”. You’ve come to the right place. Because if you are reading this article, it means you are willing to learn Blogging and the method to start a blog.

Here You get your answer even if you are searching how to start a blog for free, start a blog via paid services, or start a WordPress blog.

In this guide I’ll cover These points:
  • Choose the Blog Topic with keyword research.
  • How to choose the best niche.
  • How to find Domain name and best hosting.
  • How to create a website by installing WordPress.
  • How to install WordPress Themes and Plugins.
  • How to Write an Impressive and Unique Article.
  • How to generate website traffic.
  • Link Building Tips.

I’ll give you a 100 Percent Guarantee. After reading this article, you can start a blog even if you’re a newbie. It’s a step by step guide from scratch to start your Blogging Career.

Do You really need a Website or Blog?

Why you need to start a blog, it’s a very common question when you start blogging career.

Everyone has different reasons like – making money – helping others if you have knowledge in some field – want to sell your products – boost online business – google AdSense – endless reasons.

It’s a channel to make relations worldwide and show your online presence.

I started my 1st blog in 2011, and it’s a news website, which I started with my teacher’s help because I don’t know how to start a blog and make money online. But it is really tough for me to create that website with very poor knowledge about Blogging. But Once I started exploring things and Reading more and more about Blogs, things become easier for me.

Now, I have Lots of Blogs and making lots of money. I have the freedom to do anything and go anywhere. I am spending more time with my family.

Now, if you don’t want to spend your whole day in some 9 to 5 jobs, then you need to start blogging right now. So, do you still have any excuse?

Benefits of Blogging:

Everyone in this Universe always looks for the benefits when they start anything. Like when you start a job, purchase any product, even begin your college, etc.

Blogging has lots of benefits, but here are some of them:
  • It’s a Great Platform to Boost your Online Presence.
  • You can finally understand your interest and passion.
  • Make lots of money by utilizing skills.
  • Make strong relationships with your clients.
  • Help the other writing your skills and knowledge.
  • People know about your services and products.
  • Make your online identity and trust.
  • Become more confident in life.
  • You have more money and time freedom.
  • And lots of more benefits when you start blogging.

Important Steps to Start a Blog in 2021:

Here are some Important Steps to Start a Blog in 2021. which help to build your blog a brand, let’s start reading.

1. Find Your Blogging Interest and Choose Your Niche:

Choose Topic

Lots of People are asking these questions on a daily basis, “which blog I start” “which topic I choose for blogging” “which blog earns more money,” “how to grow your blog” “how to monetize your blog” etc.

But if you want to make money from Blogging. The very 1st thing you need to know your interest, knowledge, passion, or enthusiasm about any topic.

You need to figure out any topic which gives you happiness. And you know about that topic. Also, that topic helps you to make money via blogging career.

I repeat my words because it is very important. You really need to find something that you actually have some knowledge about, passionate about it, and profitability.

Because when you write content related to your passion. Google sees you as an expert in a particular niche. Your reader loves your content, and it makes more money.

Before Choosing your Blog, ask yourself:
  • Can I write exciting content about my topic?
  • Do I have enough knowledge and passion for my topic?
  • Are you ready to learn more?
  • Is my content have the Power to captivate my audience?
  • Is there any audience related to my topic?
  • If you have clear answers, then you ready to start.

Please read our Detailed Research on Niche Profitable Topics.

You need to know about your topic. Is your topic have any strength, profitability, and people love to search that topic. After choosing your topic, the next very important step is how to find keywords that rank in Google quickly.

It is very important to rank in Google. Because if you start a blog and create unique and impressive content. But still, you are not able to rank in google. Then your blog is useless.

The most important problem is that we aren’t focusing on keyword research. While we start blogging career, almost no one is targeting the right keywords for their blog initially. That is why not obtaining the ideal organic visitors from google.

Here are some very important types of keywords:
  • 1. Short tail keywords:
  • 2. Mid-tail keywords:
  • 3. Long-tail keywords:
  • 4. Seasonal keywords:
  • 5. Evergreen keywords:
  • 6. Buyer keywords:
    • a) Informational keywords:
    • b) Navigational keywords:
    • c) Transactional keywords:
  • 7. Geo-targeted keywords:
  • 8. Trending keywords:
  • 9. Product-oriented keywords:
  • 10. LSI keywords:

Please read our Detailed Keyword Research Guide on How to Find Keywords.

3. Pick a Domain Name for Your Website:

If you choose your topic and research some keywords related to your topic, you are ready to choose your domain name. A domain name is the name of your blog or website. e.g. google.com, msn.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com etc.

Domain Name Generators:

For a Good domain name, you can also use some domain name generator tools like namemesh.com, instantdomainsearch.com, domainwheel.com, etc.

15 Domain Name Generators tools

Expired Domain Name:

There are lots of people who forget to renew their domain names, or they do not have the cash to renew them. Many of them close his business because of some personal reasons. So domain name providers give 30 days expansion to renew your domain name.

If you cannot renew your domain in 30 days expansion interval, then this domain name will be announced as an expired domain name, and the domain registrar will begin bidding for this domain name.

You can easily find those expired domain names, websites like expireddomains.net. Also, we have detailed research on how to find great expired domain names.

5 Things you must know before Buying Expired Domains + 15 Websites to Buy Expired Domains

Now hopefully, you got your domain name and ready to register.

4. Buy a Domain name – Few things to keep in mind:

Always buy a domain name related to your topic. If you choose a travel blog, then try to find travelguide.com, traveltips.com.

Always try to find a short name because short names are easy to remember.

Never add digits in the domain name. Like travel2canada.com, fitness4men.com.

Always try to purchase the Dot Com domain because this is an international identity. But if you are targeting a specific country, then try.au for Australia, .co.uk for the UK, .pk for Pakistan, and so on.

There are lots of domain name provider companies all over the Internet, like NameCheap, GoDaddy, Domain.com, etc.

I’ll show you an example, how to buy a domain name from namecheap.com.

I searched for the domain name MyBloggingTest.com. After searching if the domain is available, then you need to Registered on that website. Make payment via provided payment methods.

Buy Domain name

5. Pick One of the Best Hosting for Your Blog:

After Selecting a domain name, you need to find an online place where you can store your data like texts, images, videos, files, and many other things.

Now here comes the need for hosting. Hosting is an online server where you can store your data.

Your data is very important for your blog, so you need to be very careful before choosing the hosting company.

Lots of companies offer hosting all over the world, but I recommend A2hosting.

Every hosting company has different plans. So you’re are a newbie, so you need to buy Shared Hosting. See some examples below.

You need to register which company you select and before finalize any hosting plans, keep in mind these necessary things:

  • Space: How much space you need for your data.
  • Bandwidth: Always choose unlimited bandwidth.
  • Support: Support is a very important factor. Because whenever you face any problems in your hosting. You need to contact your hosting provider, so I always choose 24×7 support.
  • Easy to Manage: Mostly, all hosting companies have different dashboards, so always choose a hosting with cPanel option in their dashboard.

You can read our detailed research on Best Hosting Services Provider.

6. How to Install WordPress Blog:

Now you need to choose a platform for your website. This is a very important part of this article.

If you are a programmer, then it’s easy to build a website for you. But if you didn’t know anything about programming. Then you need to install your website or blog via WordPress.

I am also using WordPress on all my websites because it’s easy and simple to manage. WordPress is one of the top content management systems having more than 455 million websites.

WordPress has the freedom to install any design, theme, and Plugins. Why did I recommend WordPress?

  • Unlimited functionalities.
  • Open-source platform.
  • In just a single click, you can install any design.
  • WordPress is very easy to manage.
  • Almost Every Hosting gives a one-click installation of WordPress.
  • With the help of plugins, you easily enhance your website.
  • Have a Huge community. If you are stuck anywhere, you could get help quickly.
  • Lots of other Advantages

Blogging Platform which offers you start a blog for free.

WordPress Installation:

Now here I’ll give you a summarized method on how to install WordPress via Cpanel. Let’s start

The hosting provider gives you Cpanel login details. After login, you need to click on WordPress.

Wordpress Cpanel

Then click on install.


Now add some required information like Site name, description, Admin username, and password, etc.

Then click on the install button, and That’s it. Your website installs just in few clicks.

WordPress Installation Details

If you want a detailed guide on How to install WordPress, WordPress Theme & Plugins, click here.

7. Install a Perfect WordPress Theme

WordPress has lots of themes, Free and Paid. ThemeForest is really a forest of themes where you can find themes in any categories like blog, news, magazine, technology, entertainment, and many other types.

Before buying a theme, you need to know that is theme has one site license or unlimited site license. The theme must be responsive and easy to manage.

I personally recommend these themes:
  • GeneratePress
  • WP Astra Theme
  • Affiliate Booster

The installation of the WordPress theme is very simple. Login to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance and then click on the Themes option. A new window appears and then click on the Add New button.

WordPress Theme
Now here you have two options:

1. Free WordPress Themes: WordPress has lots of free theme in almost all categories; you just need to pick one and install.

2. Paid WordPress Themes: Lots of websites offer paid WordPress themes with great design and lots of functionalities. If you buy any paid theme, then upload your theme file and install that theme.

WordPress Theme Installation

8. Important WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

When you manage your WordPress website, you will be facing many challenges. Then it would be best if you had some WordPress Plugins. Here is the list of some important Plugins which help you in your blogging career.

  • AffiliateBooster Plugin
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Contact Form 7
  • Link Whisper
  • Pretty Links
  • Rank Math SEO
  • WP Smush (Image Compression)
  • Stackable
  • Wordfence Security
  • Wp-Rocket (Speed, Cache)
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Thrive Leads
  • OptinMonster
  • Elementor
  • ThriveArchitect
  • Easy Table of Content
  • Table of Content Plus
  • TablePress
  • Social Locker
  • AAWP
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • WP Coupons
  • Sucuri
  • Grow by Mediavine
  • WordPress Zero Spam
  • Akismet Anti-Spam

Visit our Page Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Blog if you want to read the above plugin’s detailed functionalities.

For Installation goto, your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins and then click on Add New button.

Now you have also two options for plugin installation:

1. Free WordPress Plugins: WordPress has lots of free Plugins in almost all categories. You just need to pick one which you want to use and install.

2. Paid WordPress Plugins: If you have any paid Plugin, then upload your Plugin file and install it.

Wordpress Plugin Installation

9. Start Creating Attractive and Impressive Content

Now the most important thing is Writing content for your blog. Start writing by yourself because you know your blog well.

No matter how much knowledge you have related to your blog. How well you are in English writing. It’s only you because, without your writing, your blog will never grow. So start writing now.

Some Important things keep in mind while writing an impressive article:
  • Write short paragraphs (no more than 4 lines in any paragraph).
  • Use proper headlines in the article.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Highlight important text, deals, or offers.
  • Correct your content, Grammer mistakes.
  • Content must be unique and readable.
  • Use images and videos in your articles.

If you run an affiliate blog, then always write an article under this Pattern (Very Important Pattern). When you write an article, always focus on these points.


In initial paragraphs, try to grab your visitor Intention, then talk about their interest, hit some lines on his Pain or Desire, and then ask him to take some Action.

You can also take help from other bloggers who write related to your blog.

You can also use some tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to check Grammar and write error-free content quickly.

Always keep in mind “Content is a King”. If you have unique and impressive content, your website starts ranking easily and generate good traffic.

When you feed your website with almost 30+ articles, you need to start creating backlinks and make your website more powerful, generating more traffic.

  • Social Profiles & Social Sharing
  • High PR Profile backlinks
  • Make web 2.0 properties
  • Blog Commenting
  • Articles submission
  • Guest Post
  • Image Submission
  • Paid backlinks

You can also use some forums, Answer, and question websites like quora.com for good website traffic.

For more Detail, visit Top Methods to Get traffic.

Now You’re Just one step away from how to start a blog to make money and start your blogging career.