Everyone focuses on Link Building, On-Page SEO, Email marketing, Skyscraper technique, Authority Backlinks etc.

There are lots of material on the internet about link building and the above techniques. Still, significantly fewer people put their effort into Keyword Research Tips.

Keyword research is a very technical and challenging job. That’s why no one pays attention to Keyword Research Tools and tips.

No one is helping people find keywords to rank faster in google and make more money.

When I started my blogging career in 2011, it was an excellent experience for me to write content for my visitors. I earned from Google AdSense and put my full effort into writing because a good article takes almost 4-6 hours, but not getting good results.

Maybe you are also facing that issue right now. Making backlinks, writing content and email marketing, etc. But still unable to get enough traffic.

Because the main problem is we are not focusing on keyword research. When I start blogging, I don’t know how to find keywords for SEO. Almost no one is targeting the right SEO keywords. That’s why not getting the right organic traffic from google.

Today, I’ll guide you all about how to find the right keywords. And after that, you start targeting the right keywords for a website. And make more money from affiliate marketing and AdSense.

If you still haven’t a Blog, then Read our Guide on How to start a Blog.

Benefits of Right keyword research:

  • More visibility of your articles.
  • More organic traffic.
  • Generate more income.
  • More authority in your topic.
  • Confidence to write more articles.
  • More Understanding of the market.
  • Excellent growth of your blog post.
  • And many more benefits.

Types of Keywords:

Now I’ll try to explain all types of keywords step by step, hopefully, after reading these steps. You can find your money making keywords for your articles.

1. Short tail keywords:

We mostly use the term general keywords, Common keywords, or Broad keywords for Short tail keywords because mostly these keywords do not bring user intention.

These are very difficult to rank and monetize.

Example: SMM. Laravel. Phones. diet plans

2. Mid-tail keywords:

Mid-tail keywords are not complete keywords, also have less information.

Example: SEM Tips. Phone Apps. Pregnancy diet. HTML templates. keyword finder. search engine

3. Long tail keywords:

These keywords are money making keywords because it shows the buyer interest. By using Long tail keywords, you can easily understand the purpose of the user.

For example, you are trying to target the buyer who wants to Find Keywords for Website. Then your main keyword is “Find Keywords”. And for Long tail keywords, you need to be more specific and more targeted. Then you can create some Long tail keywords. Below are some keywords just for explanation purposes only.

  • How to find keywords for my website.
  • How to find keywords in Google AdWords.
  • How to find keywords for your blog.
  • How to find keywords on a website.

Hopefully, you understand I have changed “Find Keywords” into four Long tail keywords.

The logic behind the Long tail keyword is straightforward. It would help if you were more specific and more targeted.

Example: how to find best keywords for YouTube video. How to find trending keywords. Find easy to rank keywords. how to use google trends to find keywords

4. Seasonal keywords:

These keywords are mostly found on specific occasions and seasons only. Because people do not search these keywords for the whole year, But the search volume of these keywords increased when any occasion or season comes.

Example: The best stroller for Kids. Happy New Year Gifts. Best furniture for Office

5. Evergreen keywords:

These are Evergreen keywords. People will always search for these keywords. It doesn’t matter if it is a new year, any occasion, any season like winter or summer. These are still in the market.

If you start your blogging career. Then it would help if you began searching on these keywords. And add in your website for long term blogging.

Example: How to install windows 10. How to format a drive. how to install windows drivers

6. Buyer keywords:

These are money making keywords. Buyer keywords are very important keywords for every Blogger and Affiliate Marketers because these keywords are buying intention keywords.

Example: ConvertKit Coupon. Grammarly Coupon. Godaddy Discount. A2Hosting Coupon. Dell laptop Discount

There are 3 types of Buyer keywords:

a) Informational keywords:

If someone has any problem or pain. Then they are searching for these types of keywords to find the solution to their problems because these are problem-oriented keywords.

Example: How to install WordPress plugins. How to lose belly fat. How to install MS office. Best hair treatment

b) Navigational keywords:

When someone has a little bit of knowledge of any product or solution, they search for this type of keywords because they know the product. But they want to explore more about this product before buying.

For example, in the informational phase, they found one product. SEMrush or Ahrefs (both are best long tail keywords research tools). Now they will search “SEMrush Reviews,” “Ahrefs Reviews” and many such keywords.

Example: Dell laptop Review. Baby stroller Reviews

c) Transactional keywords:

These are the money making keywords.

Transactional keywords are the buyer’s final decision Keywords. Because if someone is searching “A2 Hosting Discount”. “GreenGeeks Hosting Coupons” or “Cheap WordPress theme for affiliate blog”. They are in the buying mood or buying phase.

Transactional keywords are very important to make more money with affiliate marketing. Also, these are costly keywords to run Google Ads. Because if you search these keywords in Google, you will see so many Ads.

Example: Cheap Tickets deals. Grammarly Coupons. where to buy HP Laptop

7. Geo-targeted keywords:

When someone is searching these types of keywords, they are in the buying stage because they explore a Geo-targeted location for a specific product.

Example: Bird shop in Australia. SEO Training in Pakistan. Best mall in Dubai

Geo targeted keywords

These keywords search volume increase when something happens. Trending keywords have a very short life. They suddenly come and disappear after some days.

Example: Mark Zekurberg visit to Pakistan. Donald Trump’s Speech in Dubai

Trending keywords

9. Product-oriented keywords:

Mostly People who are searching for Product-oriented keywords are searching for branded products, who are loyal to the brand.

Example: Gucci glasses. Honda Civic tires

10. LSI keywords:

If you want to add More Values to your articles. Use LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords). Google Loves LSI keywords. When you add these keywords in your article, it’s easy for Google to understand your article’s intention.

For example, if you are writing an article on “Apple”. So how does google differentiate that which apple you use? Because the term Apple is used for “Apple iPhone & Apple fruit”.

So, if you use mobile, iPhone cover, etc. in your article, Google will consider it is an Apple iPhone. But if you use eating, fresh apple, healthy food, Google will understand it is Apple fruit.

So, the point is how to find these LSI Keywords. Here I’ll discuss Three Tools that help you to find LSI keywords.

1. LSI Graph:

LSIGraph.com is a free website tool that helps create LSI keywords for your article. You can save these keywords in an Excel file.

2. Keyword Keg:

KeywordKeg.com is another website that works the same as LS Graph.

3. SEMRush:

SEMRush.com is a very useful tool and has a complete suite of SEO Tools. That can do any SEO strategy for any business.

SEMRush Organic research

SEMRush offers a Great Keyword Magic Tool to find LSI keywords. For long tail keywords finder, set word count filter more than 4 words.

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

Google Ads Oriented keywords:

Most of the Advertisers targeted these keywords when they run Google Ads. Mostly, you see this column when you check search results for anything in Google Keyword Planner. This column shows your keyword competition is high, medium, or low.

This column shows you how much competition you face while running ads on Google for that keyword.

1. Broad match keywords:

This is the default setting of Google ads. Google target all related keywords which match your main keyword while running ads, even a user searching for closely related to your keywords. Read more about Broad match keywords.

2. Phrase match keywords:

These keywords ads are showing when someone searches your exact phrase or even your keyword in that phrase.

For example, you add “hire a carpenter” in your Phrase match keyword. Ads show in google when someone is searching for “hire a carpenter” or “how to hire a carpenter”.

Read more about Phrase match keywords.

3. Exact match keywords:

Exact match keywords are the best option to run Google ads. Because these ads only display when someone is searching exactly what you add in your keywords.

For example, if you add in your main keyword “amazon product keyword finder”. If some write the same phrase, then google shows your ads.

These keywords bring the exact customer to your website and get more sales and revenue.

Here is the step by step guide for how to find the SEO keywords:

So hopefully, in our above discussion, you correctly understand the types of keywords. Always try to find Long tail keywords because these are easy to rank. Let’s start

1. Finalize your main keywords:

This is the very 1st step. It would help if you defined your main keywords. Create a list of keywords, minimum 5-10 keywords related to your article or website.

2. Google Keyword Suggestions:

Yes, Google is a powerful tool to find LSI or Long tail keywords. When you type your main keyword in Google, it will automatically recommend or suggest the next words. These are the queries that people search related to your keyword.

Google Keyword Suggestions

Google is brilliant. When you search for any keyword, they will suggest or recommend some queries related to your main keyword right at the end of the page.

Google search related to

4. Google Ads:

I always check google ads whenever I start research on new keywords. Because the keywords have more ads in Google have more profitable it is.

5. SEMRush – A Pro keywords research tool:

SEMRush is a great tool to find long tail keywords. You find keywords related to any micro niche in an advanced way. It offers a Great Keyword Magic Tool to find LSI or Long tail keywords by using filters.

You can also spy top-ranking articles related to your keywords by using SEMRush.

6. AnswerThePublic:

AnswerThePublic.com is an excellent website to find LSI or Long tail keywords related to your primary keyword.

7. QA Websites:

Question & Answer websites are a great source to get keyword ideas around your website. Because it’s a place where you interact with other people and share your problems and get the solution from experts.

Quora.com is an excellent website, which has a vast community in almost every field. I recommend this website for great ideas to find keywords. If you face any issue related to your website, add a question, and boom. Lots of people are available to help you.

Reddit.com is also a great website, which also has a very big community to find keywords ideas for your website or article.

We recommend these 3 plugins. By using one of these, you can easily track your keyword SEO score. These plugins suggest you many things that help your article rank in Google.

  • 1. RankMath SEO.
  • 2. Yoast SEO.
  • 3. All in one SEO.

Make Money with Keywords:

So finally, when you find some best keywords for your blog or article. Then the question is how to make money with these keywords.

Write an In-Depth article or Review for your blog with these keywords. Once you write a tremendous In-Depth article or Review, then it’s easy to monetize these keywords.

As we explained in the Navigational keywords, when people search for reviews, they are ready to buy that product. They need more information about that product and then buy it.

You can also understand the need, pain, sorrow, happiness. And many other Buying Decision Parameters of your reader before writing an article or Review.


Hopefully, after reading this article. Finding the right keywords for your blog is not tough now. You need to use the right tools to approach the best keywords, which ranks your website easily.

We mentioned many free keyword finder tools above in this article and some pro Keyword tools. Use that tools, find keywords for website, and rank your website.

Also, comments below if this article helps you find profitable keywords. And suggest to me if I need to add any more content. Thanks