You have to see many newbies are involved In the domain buying and selling business.

Why are people doing this business?

Because this is a straightforward and profitable business, it’s not easy to Make Good Backlinks or Buy New Backlinks for your new blog.

People always find expired domains and create a website with this domain.

When I started exploring some groups on Facebook and watched many people offering high DA/PA domains, many other people were thinking about buying expired domains.

Without any doubt, this is a very profitable and easy business. We can find some excellent domains and sell them for a great profit.

Suppose you find 4-6 good domains and sell them per week with a minimum of 50$ to 100$ per domain. You can easily make 200$ to 600$ per month.

If you are also excited to enter this buying and selling domains business, then you are in the right place. Here I’ll guide you on which things are important before buying expired domains. And from where you can buy expired domains.

What is Expired Domain? Let’s start with a little introduction about Expired Domain.

Lots of people forget to renew their domains, or they don’t have money to renew them again. So almost every Domain registrar allows 30 days extension period to renew your domain.

An expired domain name is a domain that we do not renew. When the extension period ends, then the registered domain is announced as an expired domain. After that period, we are not able to renew that domain.

Domain registrar starts bidding on this domain, and Now anyone can buy this domain name.

Bidding will continue for seven days, and after that, the domain will be awarded to a greater bidder, and with large bids, you can buy a domain quite easily.

And for this process, you can catch many great domains.

How to utilize these expired domains?

A domain is an excellent property to perform lots of interesting things, before moving farther and learning how to buy an expired domain name and see whether buying, we’ll learn how do we utilize these expired domains.

301 Redirect:

If you want to pass link juice to your new website or blog, then 301 redirect is an excellent link juice method.

When you bought any expired domain with lots of backlinks from many large or ranked websites, by using 301 redirects, you can quickly transfer these backlinks to your new website or blog.

If you want to see a quick improvement in rankings, then method 301 redirect the expired domain to your money website is an excellent method.

Build Authority with Expired Domain:

Recently, I bought a domain name that has great authority and has lots of backlinks. I add 50+ articles on that website and published them.

That expired domain already has lots of backlinks from high authority websites. Therefore we didn’t put any extra effort into ranking them on google.

We were surprised when we check that almost all articles were easily ranked on google.

So, you can start a website with a domain and get ranking quickly.

Private Blog Network (PBN):

This is another excellent backlinks method to rank higher in google.

By using these high authorities expired domains, SEO experts build their own PBN called Private Blog Network. And link back their money websites.

If you found an expired domain name with lots of backlinks and high DA, PA, buy it immediately. 

When you create a website on these domains and provide a backlink for a money website, you can quickly improve your website’s ranking.

Important things you need to know before buying Expired Domains:

Most people who sell domains on various platforms hide many important things. They show only the right and useful parameters of domains (for example, High DA, PA). 

So, be careful before buying any domain name and read the below points carefully.

1. Check DA/PA of expired domains before buying:

Many domains expired daily, and Websites like, Moonsy, etc., give you this facility to find deleted or expired domains.

These days PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) are both significant factors to check domain before buying. Or even these factors are very important for live websites.

Moz introduced these two factors PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). Always try to find 20+ DA domains. You can also check website stats by using this tool.

 2. Check expired domain with Google banned checker:

If a website is banned by Google search engine. Then don’t buy that domain even this domain has very high DA or PA. 

Always try to check Google ban with Google banned checker before buying any live or expired domains.

Note: In case the domain name is too great, and you wish to buy it in almost any circumstance, even if Google bans it, then it is possible to use Google reconsideration request and ask them to get un-banning the domain name. 

3. Check Google AdSense Ban:

You’ll discover countless domains that are Google Adsense banned. Therefore, if you’re thinking of making a website with an expired domain, then that should be your very first step before buying any domain name. Because in the end, we’re buying a domain to make money on the internet, and if Google AdSense already bans it, then it’s no use for us.

You can use the tool AdSense Sandbox Checker for checking Google Adsense banned. Place URL and click preview Ads.

Suppose all ads are correctly displayed, then no need to worry. You’re safe.

4. Always Check the Archive of the website:

You may know about the above points, but this is going to be a new Point.

If you’re buying an expired domain and would like to know which type of website was running before it expired, then visit Archive and place your website URL there.


Since you can see a timeline chart at which you could click any year and find out the way the site looks like previously.

You’ll be able to click circled numbers from the month, and you’ll have the ability to observe a live website at that time. 

Most websites dead or expired because of Spammed Chinese Backlinks. Use aHrefs for checking Chinese backlinks.

Visit aHrefs website explorer and then click on the backlinks section.

Always avoid buying a domain name with lots of Chinese Backlinks and has anchor text in different languages.

check Chinese backlinks

Now the main question after reading the above information from where I buy premium quality deleted or expired domains?

List of Websites From I buy our Expired Domains:

1. Domain Coasters: is set on top of the expired domains list.

They have a great list of domains you could use to make money websites or even a powerful PBN (Private Blog Network).

If you want to see domains in different categories, then goto the expired domains section.

Domain Coasters Inventory

2. DynaDot: is another top website for buying expired domains.

Here you can easily find the domains that expired shortly. You can also put your bid and add any domain to your watchlist for future buying.

3. DomCop:

By using, you can also grab expired domains. You can also check all parameters in one place. No need to visit separate websites to check SEO or backlinks score SEMRush, aHrefs, Moz, Majestic SEO, etc.

4. Moonsy: is another great website from where you can easily catch expired domains. Sell them anywhere and make lots of money with these domains.

5. ExpiredDomains: is the most popular website in the field of Expired Domains industry.

They have lots of beautiful filters on their website that you may utilize to find a tremendous domain.


6. GoDaddy Auction:

Godaddy auction is one of the most reliable places for buying expired domains. They set all the domains in the auction, and you may bid on these domains.

7. NameJet: is also a great website that offers a massive list of updated expired domains. NameJet has three main categories to find a domain name, Hot Picks, Last Chace, and Open Auction.

8. FreshDrop: manages the list of expired domains that recently expired. They have many categories of domains.

They also offer domains in retail or auctions.

9. Flippa: is one of the biggest names in the domain flipping business. 

If you’re interested in finding a high-quality premium domain for your business, then Flippa is the best destination.

10. SnapNames: has a premium and exclusive stock of expired domains. They have top categories of domains. Offer daily deals for domains.

11. Domain Hunter Gatherer:

If you want to find all expired domains and web 2.0 properties in one place, is a perfect choice.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is a software which offers two premium plans. Lots of professionals use this software to find high-quality domains.

12. NameCheap: also has an expired domain section. You can visit NameCheap to find a perfect domain name.

13. Name: is a highly reputed website that offers expired domain services. You can easily find any domain by using

14. DropCatch: is an excellent website that auction a list of websites which recently expired.

15. Network Solutions: also offer this service. You can visit Network Solutions to find an awesome domain name.

Final words

There are only a few things that you have to keep in your mind before buying expired domains. If you’re going to check all of the suggested Points, then you’ll have the ability to find very nice and great domains.

If you find a best domain for your website now the next step is How to Start a Blog.